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EXLib - EXtreme Library

The EXLib (Extreme LIbrary) product is now released. It is our first new library product in a number of years. EXLib currently contains a brand new multi-threaded tessellation engine. Our new Uber Tessellator is designed to take full advantage of multi-core processors. In many cases the new tessellator is 10x or more faster than the standard tessellator in SOLIDS++. The memory footprint of the tessellation has been reduced by a factor of 10 with this new tessellator to enable the processing of much larger objects on 32 bit machines. Take a look at the video below to get some idea about the performance.


EXLib also contains our new multi-threaded surface/point solver. The performance scales nicely and will nearly double the performance for dropping a large number of points onto a surface every time the number of CPU's double. Dropping a large set of points using a CPU with 4 processors is nearly 4 times faster than dropping them on a machine with one processor.



See Uber Tessellation Video



  •  Powerful Polygon tools for AEC applications Development.

  •  Curve and Surface Tools for Industrial and Graphical Design.

  •  Fast Ray Tracing for Optical Analysis

  •  Fast Measurement tools for Coordinate Measurement

  •  FEM Non-Manifold Topology and Tessellation