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MESHLib - Polygonal Mesh Libary

MESHLib is a component of SOLIDS++ that contains the polygonal modeling kernel. MESHLib has a full set of tools for creating, editing and saving polygonal meshes. MESHLib is available as a separate product from IntegrityWare, Inc. MESHLib highlights include the following:

  • A Topological Representation that allows creation of polygons with unlimited number of sides and inner loops (holes).
  • Polygonal Booleans which are very Robust and also Fast
  • Cutting Operation which segments a Brep into volumes
  • Three Flavors of Decimation: Quadric Decimation, Chord Height Decimation and Edge Length Decimation.
  • Mesh Clean Up Tools: Sewing, Filling Holes, etc.
  • Fast Ray-Firing and Distance Measurement
  • Low Level Topological Editing Tools
  • Tools to Cleanup and Join meshes generated from 3D Scanners

MESHLib is a great choice when building polygonal applications. The performance of the Booleans make them suitable for many different applications including: AEC Applications, NC Verification, Graphics Engines, Mining Software and Game Development.


You can try out our Polygonal Booleans inside of 3ds MAX using the compound objects called ProBooleans and ProCutter.



  •  Very Fast and Reliable Polygonal Booleans

  •  Tools that work with Scanned Meshes

  •  Fast Ray Tracing and Distance Measurement

  •  Fast Measurement tools for Coordinate Measurement

  •  FEM Non-Manifold Topology and Tesselllation