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POPLib - Polygon Optimization Library

POPLib is a subset of SOLIDS++ that is designed to give the user the ability to create polygonal meshes for trimmed surfaces, shells and solids. POPLib in combination with one of the Integrityware translators provides a sufficient core geometry engine for applications which need to view, query and analyze existing geometry.

POPLib tessellator is configured to allow the user to capture the resulting output in a format appropriate for their application. Currently POPLib supports the following output formats:

  • To OpenGL with Optional Triangle Strips and Fans
  • To STL Stereo Lithography files
  • To Wavefront OBJ file format files
  • To IntegrityWare Poly Brep Objects
  • To a Mesh Structures


  • Adaptive Tolerancing used to enable robust processing models from a wide variety of originating systems.
  • Powerful Sewing Tools to bring surface models together and turn them into solids or open shells.
  • Tessellation Settings to give great control over mesh creation from the underlying NURBS geometry.
  • "Water Tight" meshes suitable for Stereo Lithography