Technology Gem Initiative

As a result of more than doubling the size of the company over the past two years, IntegrityWare has been able to undertake something we call the "Technology Gem Initiative". The goal of this initiative is to develop important pieces of 3-D technology (technology gems) that are far superior to any other available solution. Each of these technology gems is a targeted technology solution that solves a specific problem, and solves it in a highly optimized, robust manner. Like the artistry of the master jeweler, whose skillful hands turn a rough stone into a beautiful gem of superior quality, gem technology development takes a lot of work and superior precision. A good example of this type of technology gem is the 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager developed by D-Cubed, which is utilized by nearly every Mechanical CAD system on the market today. Here are the principles and goals we have for the development of each technology gem:

  • Solves an important problem that is not currently solved to a high degree at this point in time in the industry
  • Is highly efficient, and optimized to leverage modern computing architectures (fully utilizes multithreading for optimal performance)
  • Addresses a significant industry need
  • Can be packaged and sold as a separate component (and can be integrated with virtually any other system)
  • The resulting implementation must be extremely reliable and work for a vast majority of cases

One of the gems we have been working on is reverse engineering of polygonal meshes. We have laid the groundwork for reverse engineering all kinds of meshes including scanned meshes, designed meshes, meshes produced by CAD systems and meshes produced by subdivision surface (Sub-D) modelers. SubDNURBS is the name of the product (technology gem) that does reverse engineering of Sub-D meshes. As of today we are actively seeking partners to work with us to bring this technology to the end user market. Our other mesh reverse engineering products (scanned meshes, etc.) are not quite as far along but are still in testing and development. The SubDNURBS technology gem has been developed and tested to the point where we feel that it is vastly superior to any other available technology, and it meets the goals stated above. If you have a product (especially a Sub-D modeling product) that you would like to enhance with exciting new technology that gives you a big competitive advantage, please contact us.




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