Architectural Modeling

The first area in which SubD-NURBS has an interesting application is in the design of freeform building shapes such as those by Frank Gehry. This is an important new field in architecture wich utilizes organic forms to model structural shapes. With SubD-NURBS the form can be designed in Sub-D and then exported to an architectural program for detailing such as adding floors, doors, etc.


The second area SubD-NURBS is useful is in the construction of things like furnature, architectural ornamentation, human figures, automobiles, and other things that go in or on a building. Many of these things are more easily constructed as subdivision surfaces. It is also possible with SubD-NURBS to utilize online 3-D model sites to download props to put into or around the building.


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Sub-D and NURBS of Clawfoot Bathtub
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