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IntegrityWare, Inc. is a company specializing in supplying 3-D geometric modeling and graphics technology solutions to vendors in a variety of industries.

As a full service provider, IntegrityWare offers consulting services, NURBS-based software libraries, and Polygon-based software libraries. Take a look at our mission statement below to find out more about our company and the business we are focusing on.

Mission Statement:

Our threefold mission encompasses the company we want to build; the technology we will supply; the business we are in.

The Company:

Companies and the people within them typically operate on a set of principles. The principles of a company define the value set which guides the decision making process. IntegrityWare, Inc. will operate according to the following fundamental guiding principles:

  • Integrity - we will strive to do what is honorable and right, no matter what the cost.

  • Craftsmanship - we will strive to create products which are of superior value through the creativity and diligence of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated individuals.

  • People -we believe in the ultimate value of individuals and will strive to make decisions consistent with this belief.

    The Technology:

    With over 100 licenses of our software, we have achieved our goal to become one of the leading suppliers of enabling 3-D component technologies. Our software is utilized to build advanced 3-D applications. IntegrityWare supplies representational and computational components to facilitate creation, interrogation, display and modification of three-dimensional data. Our success in this business results from the focus of our development efforts on the following:

  • Reliability - an absolute requirement for our customers to build products.

  • Performance - second in importance only to reliability.

  • Adaptability - enables us and our users to quickly move forward in terms of functionality and technology


  • The Business:

    One of the fastest growing segments of the computer products industry is that which utilizes modeled or simulated three-dimensional environments. The industries we are targeting include the following: CAD/CAM/CAE/CAQ, GIS, Animation, Simulation, Virtual Reality, 3D Web, Graphics, Medical, and Computer Games. In addition to our own software products we will work with other vendors which provide complementary products to provide a complete modeling solution. We provide our customers with the following:

  • Quality Geometry Software - we want to provide tools to our customers that will enable them to produce successful 3D applications.

  • Great Support - our goal is to respond to questions within forty eight hours and to address bugs and other problems within one week.
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      IntegrityWare, Inc. updates it's website to reflect a new product line based on the Solids# geometric modeling kernel. We believe that this is the only available geometric kernel completely implemented using the C# programming language.

    • Susan Blackman

      IntegrityWare, Inc. has lost a valuable employee. Sue passed away in late April from an aggressive form of cancer. I know many of you enjoyed working with her to solve your issues. She was a tremendous asset to our company and will be greatly missed. She worked for us for about 10 years. Sue contributed greatly to the usability of our products and their professional look. We will all miss you Sue!