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STEP, IGES, SAT, and openNURBS import and export

The Data Translation Librarys provides the toolset  needed to import and export standard CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, SAT, and openNURBS.  Supported classes include curves, surfaces, boundary representations, and assmebly heirarchies. Note that STL file format and Wavefront OBJ file format import and export are supported in the Solids# and Solids++ kernels.

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    IntegrityWare, Inc. updates it's website to reflect a new product line based on the Solids# geometric modeling kernel. We believe that this is the only available geometric kernel completely implemented using the C# programming language.

  • Solids# Applications

    IntegrityWare, Inc. announces the availability of Solids# Applications which adds advanced capabilities to the Solids# kernel. This module includes: our patented never-fail  shelling; reverse engineering of scanned and sculpted meshes;  Sub-D to NURBS conversion; and a set of advanced polygonal mesh tools (smoothing, offset, inset, point cloud to polygon, and decimation).