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Evolution of Integrityware

Cyborg3D 3rd Party Platform

The Cybort3D platform offers a unique, C#-based geometric platform for 3rd party development. The platform utilizes Open GL for it's graphical interface. The user interface utilizes WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to implement a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern to separate out the user interface form the underlying modeling data.

We have specifically implemented some tools to enable the 3rd party developer to customize the user interface to a great extent without the need to modify the underlying Cyborg3D code. The Cyborg3D platform is delivered as C# source code. This enables 3rd party developers unlimited customization as described in some of the examples to follow.


Below you can see what the standard Cyborg3D looks like. Below that is the code used to implement a 3rd Party Takeover of the user interface. Below that you can see Cyborg3D after the takeover.

Evolution of Integrityware

Evolution of Integrityware


Above is the code to control the UI with the 3rd Party Code. Below is Cyborg3D after the takeover.


Evolution of Integrityware

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    IntegrityWare, Inc. updates it's website to reflect a new product line based on the Solids# geometric modeling kernel. We believe that this is the only available geometric kernel completely implemented using the C# programming language.

  • Susan Blackman

    IntegrityWare, Inc. has lost a valuable employee. Sue passed away in late April from an aggressive form of cancer. I know many of you enjoyed working with her to solve your issues. She was a tremendous asset to our company and will be greatly missed. She worked for us for about 10 years. Sue contributed greatly to the usability of our products and their professional look. We will all miss you Sue!