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    Solids# is a fully functional geometric modeling kernel written in the C# language. It contains classes to create and manipulate CAD Boundary Representations (BREP), polygonal meshes, subdivision surfaces, and compact mesh structures. The BREP utilizes a Non-Manifold Topological representation along with NURBS-based curves and surfaces. The polygonal meshes utilize the Face-Edge data structure. The subdivision surface mesh supports Catmul-Clark subdivision. The compact mesh is an index based format, which is structured similar to the Wavefront OBJ file format.

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  • Solids# Applications

    The Solids# Applications provide advanced applications in the area of reverse engineering for subdivision surfaces, scanned meshes and sculpted meshes into CAD compatible NURBS Breps.

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  • Cybiorg3D Logo

    Cyborg3D# is an application development platform that utilizes the latest WPF technology to provide a 3D environment for creation of customized applications. There is a 3rd Party Takeover library which essentially allows the full customization of the user interface. Our high performance OpenGL based graphics processing provides an excellent platform for even very heavy, graphics intense applications.

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  • Solids++ Logo

    Solids++ is a full function geometric modeling kernel written in the C++ language. It contains classes to create and manipulate both CAD Boundary Representations (BREP) and polygonal meshes. It provides a Non-Manifold Topological representation along with NURBS-based curves and surfaces. Operations supported include Boolean, Filleting, Shelling, Tessellation, etc.

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  • POPLib++ Logo

    POPLib++ (Polygon Optimization Library) is a subset of Solids++ designed specifically for converting CAD data into a high quality, water tight polygonal meshes. POPLib is an industry leading tessellation engine. It can control of the tessellation using chord height tolerances, angular tolerances, maximum edge length and aspect ratio.

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  • Data Translation Logo

    Our data translation libraries provide the ability to import and export standard CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, SAT, and openNURBS.

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    IntegrityWare, Inc. updates it's website to reflect a new product line based on the Solids# geometric modeling kernel. We believe that this is the only available geometric kernel completely implemented using the C# programming language.

  • Susan Blackman

    IntegrityWare, Inc. has lost a valuable employee. Sue passed away in late April from an aggressive form of cancer. I know many of you enjoyed working with her to solve your issues. She was a tremendous asset to our company and will be greatly missed. She worked for us for about 10 years. Sue contributed greatly to the usability of our products and their professional look. We will all miss you Sue!