In just a little over 7 years of having products on the market, IntegrityWare, Inc. already has an installed base of over 75 customers.  There are 25 commercial products that we know of and 10 in-house products shipping that contain our software.  This does not include our SMLib customers. We believe this high success rate testifies to both the usability and quality of the IntegrityWare software libraries.

Special thanks to those who have provided testimonials.


"MYCRONA produces 3D coordinate measuring machines and uses POPLib and TSLib for integrating CAD technology in the control software of the measuring machines.
POPLib and TSLib are compact and well-structured class libraries which are outstandingly well suited for calculating geometry models for the subsequent visualization and interaction. The availability of the entire source code and a thought-out error-handling considerably speed up the integration in existing programs and, in an exemplary way, support the troubleshooting within our software.  Modifications and extensions of the libraries that we wanted to be carried out were made amazingly fast and, nevertheless, in a nearly perfect way which indicates high quality of the software and of the class concept used.  Now we are sure that we will be prepared in the best way for future geometry problems." -- Patric Weis, MYCRONA GmbH

"POPLIB is very fast and well configurable code. The tessellation achieved by using POPLIB is one of the best I have seen in many software packages. The code from the start was almost bug-less. Still any problem found was fixed in few days time period."  -- Alik Melnikov - Software Applications Manager - CogniTens Ltd.

"The new Rhino beta has been released, and it is using GSLib ( GSLib.DLL is installed in the same directory as the Rhino executable ). This version of Rhino is explicitly using IwSurface::DropCurve(), IwCurve::LocalPointSolve(), IwCurve::GlobalPointSolve(), IwSurface::GlobalPointSolve(), and IwCurve::GlobalPropertyAnalysis(). GSLib has helped to make Rhino a better product. Thanks for a good product." --- Dale Lear of Robert McNeel and Associates.

"Ford has purchased and intends to leverage GSLib and TSLib in the customization of an Automotive Package Analysis System. GSLib/TSLib will be used to measure NURBS curves, surfaces and trimmed surfaces that were defined using a CAD package." --- Walter Rygiel of Ford Motor Company.

"ProSTEP Product Data Technology GmbH was founded on November 2, 1993 and is a jointly owned subsidiary of BMW, Bosch, Daimler-Benz, Delphi Automotive Systems, ITT Automotive Europe, Opel, Siemens, VW and the ProSTEP Association with 183 members from 15 countries for the advancement and support of international product data standard STEP for CAD/CAM systems (Standard for the Exchage of Product Model Data, ISO-IEC 10303). During our evaluation test we tested some functions of GSLib 1.0, such as:

  • Find self-intersection on a curve
  • Drop point onto a curve or a surface
  • Drop curve onto a surface using tolerances between 1.0e-2 and 1.0e-10,
  • Integrate GSLib with our STEP Toolkit, PSstep_Caselib, and load curves and surfaces into data structure of GSLib from a STEP file with 36 megabytes.

We were satisfied with the test results so that we decided to apply GSLib 1.0 in the new version of one of our software products, Data Analyst." --- Dr. Xiaohe Li of ProSTEP GmbH.

"The use of GSLib accelerated the development of Object Logic’s Model Viewer. This can be attributed to the completeness of functionality and the robustness of the library" --- Raj Tolani of Object Logic.

"In 1998, we at Intercim started a project to develop a CAM package for a major CAD system. We found out the API of the CAD system did not provide many functions needed for the NC toolpath calculations. I had known Gary Crocker during my tenure with GE Calma and contacted him for help since he is an expert in this area. We purchased the GSLib product as it had the entire needed API and we completed our project on time.  The product and support we received from IntegrityWare is outstanding and we are extremely pleased with the crisp and clear solutions." --- Ven Sudhakar, VP, Product Development, Intercim, Austin, Texas.

"We are extremely pleased with IntegrityWare products for both completeness and reliability, but most of all for the excellent value. We found IntegrityWare service to be simply outstanding." --- M. Abernathy, OptiCAD Corporation.

"TSLib  has helped us to handle data conversion problems between different representations of curves or surfaces. It has reduced dramatically development time for our data exchange products suite."  F. CADIN, Datakit.


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