Overview of Products



Object-Oriented Non-Manifold Modeling Kernel





Tessellation of Trimmed Surfaces, Shells and Solids.





Polygonal Modeling Kernel





IGES, STEP, Rhino, SAT, VDAFS Data Exchange Library




IntegrityWare, Inc. has been in the business of providing geometric modeling technology since 1996. Starting with some basic technology licensed from the NURBS Library (NLib) from GeomWare, Inc. (now owned and marketed by Solid Modeling Solutions), we developed, marketed and supported ever more comprehensive geometric and topological modeling software. Our customer list includes many big name companies such as: Ford, Honda, Mazda, ITP Spain. Pratt & Whitney. It also includes many smaller technology oriented companies such as: Robert McNeel and Associates, Bentely Systems, Alias, ProSTEP GmbH, EDS (via Engineering Animation, Inc.), Datakit, Cognitens, and Opticad Corporation.

Our most comprehensive product a Solids Modeling Kernel has been marketed under the "SMLib" name by Solid Modeling Solutions since 1998. The core technology for the key pieces such as Booleans, Filleting and Tessellation are now quite mature. We have added some advanced surfacing tools and will be adding other tools not in SMLib and we are marketing it under the name of "SOLIDS++".


We will continue to market two subsets of SOLIDS++, POPLib and MESHLib. POPLib is a subset of our technology that enables creation and tessellation of trimmed surfaces, open shells and solids. Combined with the translators POPLib is an excellent choice for visualization and other graphical applications that don't require full modeling kernel functionality.

Our MESHLib product is the subset of SOLIDS++ that deals with only Polygonal Modeling. The key technologies in MESHLib include an extremely fast and robust polygonal boolean, several forms of decimation and mesh clean up tools..

We sell a set of data translators developed and supported by HarmonyWare, Inc. that read/write several standard file formats (IGES, STEP, VDAFS, STEP, Rhino) directly to and from our SOLIDS++ data structures.

If you have a copy of 3ds max you can try out functionality in our kernel by down loading one or more of our plug-ins from the nPowerSoftware.com web site. Power Booleans shows polygonal Booleans and decimation. Power Solids highlights Tessellation, NURBS Booleans and Filleting. Power Translators utilizes the data translation software.

SOLIDS++ -- POPLib -- MESHLib -- Translators


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