SOLIDS++ The Modeling Kernel of the Future

SOLIDS++™ is not just a Solids Modeling Kernel, it is much more. SOLIDS++ is a Non-manifold Modeling Kernel that provides a comprehensive suite of tools for Solids Modeling, Surface Modeling, Curve Modeling, Polygonal Modeling and Non-Manifold Modeling. SOLIDS++ has sufficient breadth and depth of functionality to replace existing modeling kernels in traditional MCAD applications. The combination of traditional Solids Modeling Tools with Polygonal Modeling Tools make it a great choice for AEC applications development. The Curve and Surface Modeling Tools also make it great for applications such as industrial design and graphical design. The fast intersection, ray-tracing and query tools make it suitable for analysis applications such as CMM, Optical Analysis, and NC. The native Non-Manifold Topology and tessellation engine make it an excellent choice for FEM analysis packages. Hidden curve removal is useful for drafting, drawing production, and documentation generation.

Take a look at the Technology page to find out why we believe that SOLIDS++ is "The Modeling Kernel of the Future".


Curve Modeling
Surface Modeling
Solid Modeling
Non-Manifold Modeling
Polygonal Modeling

Industrial Design
Graphical Design
CMM, Optical Analysis
FEM, Drafting


Kernel of the Future

SOLIDS++ -- POPLib -- MESHLib -- Translators


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