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What is good support? That is a difficult question to answer but the bottom line is how effectively are you as a software developer able to get your job done. Do you have to wait for the next release of the software to get something important working? Can you get a quick fix and keep your development going? Are you able to get in depth technical answers to questions about how to use the software in the most optimal way? Are you able address and solve problems in a quick and efficent manner?

It is important to understand that Geometric Software is very different from something like Banking software. In banking software there is a prescribed logic and either something is right or it is wrong. Geometric Software is much different because it is doing floating point computations, it is approximating solutions to problems, it is dealing with data of various sizes using different accuracies, it is dealing with data which originated from many different sources. Good software will do its best to accomidate itself to these various different situations. It is however theoretically impossible to guarentee that a complex geometric operation such as surface intersection will always work no matter what data is input. One of our jobs as a company is to write software to handle as large a cross section of data as is possible in an efficient way. Our existing customers think we have done a great job at it.

Every developer of 3-D geometry software encounters unique problems and issues. The problems of a company doing MCAD is totally different from that of a company doing mining software and totally different than a company doing graphics software. Our support philosophy resolves around these key points:

  • Produce very robust software that works well under many different conditions
  • Make the software very consistent in all aspects so that it is easy to learn and use
  • Give the developer the ability to contact the original developers of the software to give them a much greater understanding of how best to use the software
  • Solve urgent problems quickly so that the development process will not stall
  • Give users additional support options to enable the IntegrityWare team to much more like a development partner not just a customer

Because we ship C++ software it is very easy for us to send an update to fix a bug, enhance the software, or adjust something to work better. In many cases, we can ship you a single file for you to recompile to address an issue. Sometimes we send you a bug fix, sometimes we send you an enhancement to our software, sometimes we send you a suggestion on how to avoid a particular problem.

In order to address different needs of different kinds of customers, we have three levels of support that are available, Basic Support, Technical Support Level, Partner Support Level.

Basic Support comes with the product. It includes the following:

  • Bug fixes to legitimate problems
  • Access to minor updates and major releases
  • A reasonable amount of E-mail and phone assistance to help you utilize our software (less than 2 hours per month).

Technical Development Support is available at an additional cost of $1,000.00 per month. It includes everything from the basic support and additionally includes the following:

  • Direct consultation with Geometry Experts who develop the software via. phone or E-mail to help you with questions or guide you in using the software
  • Minor enhancements or adjustments to the software
  • The combination of consultation and enhancements can total up to 8 hours per month

Partnership Development Support is avaliable at an additional cost of $2,000 per month and includes the following:

  • Full access to source code used in the integration of SOLIDS++ with 3ds max and Rhino
  • The ability to get on-site training and/or integration assistance
  • The combination of consultation and enhancements can total up to 16 hours per month
  • We will reserve extra time in our schedule to work closely with you during your critical development cycle times (i.e. Beta Testing) to give you a very high level of response and enable you to release your product with the highest level of quality in the fastest time.

The bottom line is that we are striving to be the best in our business and the only way to do that is to help you be successful in your business. We understand that that takes our time, resources and hard work to make you a satisfied customer. We are committed to make that happen.




What is Good Support?

Can you get your job done?



Why is Geometry Software different?







Our Support Philosophy!


Good Software

Consistent and easy to use

Access to Geometry Experts

Solve Problems

Development Partners


Fast Updates





Basic Support

Bug Fixes


Technical Support

Consult with Experts
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8 Hours per Month

Partnership Support

Integration Code
On Site Training
16 Hours per Month
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