Our Services

It is our desire to become a full service provider for 3D modeling technology. This means that we try to satisfy a good cross section of the 3D modeling requirements of our customers. Thus enabling them to concentrate their efforts primarily on development specific to their 3D application. We feel that the ability to easily customize and enhance our software base will be a major factor in the long term success of IntegrityWare, Inc.

Please contact Gary IntegrityWare, Inc. for a quote on your next 3-D software project. (+1.858.538.3800 or gcrocker@integrityware.com).

Custom/Semi-custom Development

We provide customer driven development of a module or set of functionality which is not contained in one of our libraries.

Customization of Existing Libraries

We realize that our customers will have a widely varying set of requirements. To produce the most competitive products our customers may often need to have our libraries tuned in terms of performance, reliability, functionality, memory usage, accuracy, etc.

Short Term or Part Time Consulting

We provide short term (up to two weeks) and part time (one or two days per week over a more extended period) of on-site consulting to allow our customers to leverage our expertise in geometric modeling, graphics, computational geometry, mathematics, and Object-Oriented software development.



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