SOLIDS++ Development History

SOLIDS++™ is not a new and untested modeling kernel. In fact, nearly all of its components have been used by developers around the world to build cutting edge 3-D applications. There are over 150 licensees of IntegrityWare libraries (GSLib™, TSLib™, POPLib™) and derived 3rd party library products (SMLib™, GSNLib™ and TSNLib™ - SMLib, GSNLib, and TSNLib are trademarks of Solid Modeling Solutions).

In 1998 IntegrityWare, Inc. signed a joint marketing agreement with GeomWare, Inc and Solid Modeling Solutions. The result of this agreement was the beginnings of a new geometric modeling kernel that is a combination of technologies developed by IntegrityWare, Inc. and GeomWare, Inc. Under this agreement all three companies have the rights to market and sell this new kernel. Solid Modeling Solutions, Inc. took the lead in Marketing the kernel under the name "SMLib".

SInce 1998, we at IntegrityWare, Inc. have been working dilligently and creatively to bring the kernel up to the point where it is today. Since 1998 we have added many major components including: a comprehensive topology-based filleting package; shelling and offsetting; a full blown polygonal modeling component; fast NURBS ray-firing, a set of primitive creation tools; and hidden curve removal. The core of the kernel has been product tested and is essentially complete.

We have decided it is time to move to the next level in terms of marketing, sales and development of the software. IntegrityWare, Inc. is now exercising its contractual option to market and sell the modeling kernel. This new kernel, SOLIDS++, will contain the technology found in the existing library products plus some additional newly developed components that add great value. The first new component, the Advanced Surfacing Add-On, provides high continuity surface blending (G2 and G3) and high continuity (G2 and G3) corner creation, fast approximation of offset fillets and offset NURBS, curve blending tools, and surface sweeping tools.

We believe with its unique technology, great architecture and support from the original kernel developers, SOLIDS++ is positioned in a unique way to be able to move agressively into the future and become the premier modeling kernel.



Over 150 Licensees



SMLib Kernel Development




Filleting, Shelling,
Offsetting, Polygonal Modeling, HCR, Ray-Fire




SMLib + Adv. Surfacing
+ ... = SOLIDS++




"SOLIDS++ - Modeling
Kernel of the Future"


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